Read Before You Fight

Fighter Travel

Athletes receive 30 cents per mile per vehicle. Hotel is covered for Amateur and Professional Athletes as needed.


Fighter Insurance

We carry a $20,000 medical policy for our athletes. There is a $500 deductible which the fighter is responsible for as well as in costs exceeding the policy limits.  We have had one occasion in over 600 fights where the policy was not enought to cover medical costs.  It is wise to have your own insurance policy as well as ours.  Consider this heavily before you compete.


Amateur compensation

Amateurs receive no compensation outside of their fighter travel and reimbursement.


Event Passes

Each athlete receives two corner passes. No additional comp tickets are received. Girlfriends, family members and additional corners will have to purchase an event ticket. When available at a venue, we will have discounted prices on tickets and tables.


Pulling Out of a Fight

If you are booked to fight, make sure you are 100% committed. If you pull out of a fight suspiciously, you will be given one more chance to prove yourself. If it happens again, we will not book you anymore. And we will tell every other promoter in our area about you. If you don't want to fight, don't apply. It really hurts the event and insults the other athlete who is preparing for a fight when you do this. Fighters do get injured and pull out of a fight so be prepared for last minute opponent changes.


Amateur Weigh Ins and Point Deductions

Amateur fighters are new at fighting and cutting weight. Often fighters will miss weight by thinking they can cut like a pro. Be prepared for your opponent to miss weight. If this happens you can decline the fight or take the fight and they will lose a point in the first round. If you miss weight and your opponent won't take the fight, you are not compensated for travel.


Info for your Cornermen

First, learn to tape hands. Someone on your team needs this skill. What you will need: Vaseline, buckets, towels, sponge, ice pack, super glue, swabs, warm up mitts, kick shield, latex gloves, additional gauze, pre-wrap, and tape. Cornermen must attend the fighter rules meeting.



Fighter must use the gloves we provide. Amateurs need to return gloves after their fight. Pros are allowed to keep their gloves.